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Inspiration In The Redwoods

Just have to paint in the rays of light shining through the trees and this piece is done.  Need it to dry a while before I do that, so I figured I’d just share it now as is.  Here’s my (hopefully not too cheesy) musings from the day. I love trees.  You probably do too.  I love walking through a forest of trees. I like to reach out and put my hand on them, touch them, feel them.  They feel like fellow beings.  Some young.  Some very old.  The Redwoods of Northern California are massive, some living for hundreds of years, they are witnesses to countless seasons, storms, and ongoing changes to our environment. When I am walking through these...

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The Making of "The Balthazar" Commission

The Making of a Commission This year I spent a lot of my studio time painting commissions.  I love them! They allow me to really get in touch with with what inspires my collectors, and through their requests, I get to visit new places and interesting subjects. And I also get to to revisit previous paintings I have already painted, for those collectors who have fallen head over heels for a paining of mine that has already sold.  Enjoy this behind the scenes peek into how our commission process works: "The Balthazar" painting in progress Two years ago I was approached by a couple who had seen Pecoff art 8 years prior, and had fallen in love with it.  They...

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Revisit- "Parsian Courtyard of Intensity

Parisian Courtyard of Intensity This painting was inspired by my travels to Paris in 2005, specifically the historic and artistic district of Montmartre.  I roamed the city's streets thinking about the many masters who had painted and got their start there...inspiration around every corner! I painted the trees blue in the spirit of the Fauves. The bright wild color of that art movement inspired me to paint the leaves orange and the cobblestones a vivid aqua-green. I remember it being an overcast day, but it didn't matter, color can be felt, even on a gray day! The original was rather small (16x20) and sold, along with five others from the series of six, out of a gallery in Toronto in...

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Facebook Art Photo Contest

Our Facebook Photo Contest Winner The winning photograph has been chosen...   Remember last November when we asked you to submit your favorite San Diego photo on Facebook?  And Grant agreed to paint the winning photo?  Well, it’s time!  The winner has been chosen and the painting is on the easel, in progress.   The painting will be released at the annual Little Italy Art Walk, April 30th & May 1st, 2016.  We can’t wait to share it with you. If you want a chance to win our upcoming contests, and to be the first to know about specials, collector only promotions, and the inside scoop on new paintings and exciting travels as they happen, be sure to LIKE Pecoff Studios on Facebook....

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Sailing Into the Light

    "Sailing Into the Light" is inspired by my travels through the tropics. In the upper left of the canvas, there is an explosion of light bursting through the darkness.   Primarily this focuses on the play of light/love and dark/fear within our own lives.  We tend to runaway from the dark, or hide it deep away, abolishing it to another time and place within our bodies and mind.  If we can allow it to be there, have compassion for the raw innate feelings that are circulating around within us, they begin to lose their power over us.  Then we find that light/love naturally floods into our being.  This is a painting about honoring both, the dark and the light, and being...

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