Inspiration In The Redwoods

Just have to paint in the rays of light shining through the trees and this piece is done.  Need it to dry a while before I do that, so I figured I’d just share it now as is.  Here’s my (hopefully not too cheesy) musings from the day.

I love trees.  You probably do too.  I love walking through a forest of trees. I like to reach out and put my hand on them, touch them, feel them.  They feel like fellow beings.  Some young.  Some very old.  The Redwoods of Northern California are massive, some living for hundreds of years, they are witnesses to countless seasons, storms, and ongoing changes to our environment. When I am walking through these giant friends I feel as though I am walking in a sacred space, as if the forest is a church.  I breathe in, allowing the fresh pine scented air to fill my lungs, and I fully  breathe out, relaxing my body with each millisecond of the moment.  I feel empty and filled up at the same time. 

It was later in the afternoon and the sun was beginning to set, golden hour was here, that time of the day where the light transitions from a white yellow to a golden warmth.  Rays of sun penetrated the forest canopy, casting streams of light onto the foliage below.  Leaves turned from a dark cool green to a vibrant shimmering yellow green.  Trunks of trees shone in hot hues of sienna and orange.  Purples and blues and filled the undergrowth. The forest was alive with a contrast of lights and darks.

It’s always great to get into nature.  Maybe I’ll see you there! :)

Original Oil on Canvas

55” x 28” x 1.5"

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