Revisit- "Parsian Courtyard of Intensity

Parisian Courtyard of Intensity

This painting was inspired by my travels to Paris in 2005, specifically the historic and artistic district of Montmartre.  I roamed the city's streets thinking about the many masters who had painted and got their start there...inspiration around every corner! I painted the trees blue in the spirit of the Fauves. The bright wild color of that art movement inspired me to paint the leaves orange and the cobblestones a vivid aqua-green. I remember it being an overcast day, but it didn't matter, color can be felt, even on a gray day! The original was rather small (16x20) and sold, along with five others from the series of six, out of a gallery in Toronto in 2005.   To see more of my paintings from Europe, go to:  #paris #parisart #montmartre #traveltoparis #fauve #france #grantpecoff #art

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