Riding the Afternoon Light

Riding the Afternoon Light

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Original Oil on Canvas

18" x 40" Gallery Wrapped

With the anticipation of my long-awaited dip into the sea, I headed out to Sunset Cliffs, San Diego.  I love this surf break, with its dramatic sandstone rock faces colored in siennas, ochres, and umbers.  On this magical day, the peaks of the waves forming over the reefs were idyllic conditions for surfing.  With my GoPro mounted to my wrist, I paddled into the water, the breaking waves crashed over me, the cold effervescent water soaked my hair, filled my ears, and slowly steadily streamed into my wetsuit.  Once I was past the crashing waves, I caught my breath and took in the scene around me...the swell of the ocean rolled under me, lifted me up, and dipped me back down again.  I was home.  The sun’s glorious light formed patterns of colors and shapes across the water, and the cliffs behind me created an amazingly grounded backdrop to the scene.  The smell of the salt water, the feel of the light breeze on my face, and the slightly numb feeling of my toes...I sat transfixed by the beauty that surrounded me.  I felt alive, I felt connected, I felt grateful!


“Riding the Afternoon Light" is a moment captured in time, a feeling of being brilliantly alive, and a reminder for us all to make time in our life for the things that truly fill us up.