In-between Sets

In-between Sets

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Original Oil on Canvas

14" x 24" Gallery Wrapped

It was late in the afternoon, the sun was shining through the spaces between the clouds, and a softness hung in the air.  The water was gentle and glassy underneath me, and the sets of waves rolled in, raising me up and down, and up and down again, as if I was being gently rocked into a dreamlike state.  The time between the sets, just waiting, after the paddling and exhilaration of riding a wave, was long and mesmerizing, relaxing and filled with ease.  The shadow from the tattered blanket of clouds above cast a metallic blue hue over the whole water.  The colors of the sun peeking through the clouds shifted in brilliant patterns of pinks, yellows, and oranges.  I sat on my board, enchanted by the movement of shapes and the incredibly beautiful vibrant color palette before me.  I realized that in every moment, even in-between the sets, when we are seemingly just waiting, there is beauty and constant magic.  Now I find, I look forward to the time between sets.  The time of intermission and endless beauty.

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