Hidden Gem

Hidden Gem

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Original Oil on Canvas 

27.5" x 16" x 1.25"

Through the forest we go, the sweet smell of fresh pine, the cool crisp air within the shadows, and the heat of the sun warming my skin as I step into the light.  Small wildflowers dot the edges of the trail with colors of yellow, violet, and crimson. As I continue on I can just begin to make out the faint sounds of running water. I know I’m close, the water gets louder. As I come over a rise, there it is, peaking between the tops of trees, at first just slivers of emerald, then as if the trees part because they knew I was coming, a large expanse of the aqua turquoise lake fills my eyes with it’s vibrancy.  I sit down on a nearby boulder, taking in the view, a slight breeze touches my face. I breathe in and thank the universe for this moment and for being alive.

 (new photo of painting coming soon)