Among the Giants
Among the Giants

Among the Giants

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Original Oil on Canvas 12" x 16" x 1.5"

Gallery-wrapped around sides.  Wire on the back. Ready to hang.

 Inspired by the beautiful Kalalau Valley along the Na Pali coastline on the island of Kauai.  The ridges rise up from the sea, towering high above the emerald aqua waters below.  They surround us, lush mountains cradling us in their massive ridges and verdant folds.  This is such a magical and ancient landscape.  Whenever I am here in this sacred spot, it feels like I am in the presence of a queen,  the majesty of nature at its grandest.  Its hard not to feel transported to a higher realm of consciousness being here.  May we always honor, respect, and take care of this enchanting and sacred aina/land.

 From an artistic standpoint, this painting contains a combination of styles I have been working in for some time now;  the fluid undulating organic lines, the softness in the folds of ridges of the background mountains and the smooth stokes merging into one another in the water.  And the more abstracted deliberate expressionist brushwork in the cliffs and foliage in the foreground.  The two styles come together in a seamless push and pull of energy and vibrating color.