Surf Museum Art Exhibition Jan. 18 - Feb. 17



 -Artist Grant Pecoff’s Unique Perspective Gives the Viewer the Experience of Being Immersed in Water


Grant Pecoff’s career has led him on adventures across the globe which he has beautifully captured in his collection of vibrant oil paintings.  His latest paintings focus on patterns of light reflected on the surface of water.  The Huntington Beach International Surf Museum will exhibit this latest collection, “Light on the Water,” from January 18th - February 17th.  An artist’s reception for the exhibition will be hosted on January 18th from 6pm - 9pm at the museum, located at 411 Olive Avenue in Huntington Beach.


This mesmerizing series of paintings captures the unique perspective of being immersed in water, which is a familiar place for Pecoff, who is also an avid surfer.  Many of the paintings are expressed from the vantage point well-recognized to all surfers, of sitting on the board, paddling for that next wave, or just staring at the hypnotic patterns of light on the water, soaking it all in between sets.  Pecoff’s art has a way of transporting us from a scene that is common and routine, to one that is extraordinary, vibrantly alive and filled with light and color.


Grant Pecoff has spent most of his life at the water's edge.  He grew up in coastal San Diego, and has island-hopped around the world for the last fourteen years.  He has lived on a boat in the aqua waters of The Bahamas, he has called the dramatic north shore of Kauai home, and he has traveled and painted on inspiring archipelagos around the world.  He has always been fascinated by the play of light on surfaces, recreating the patterns dancing on the water that are ephemeral, yet ever-present.


“Light on the Water”  will be exhibited on January 18th - February 17th at The Huntington Beach International Surf Museum at 411 Olive Avenue in Huntington Beach.