Surfin' the Pier

Surfin' the Pier

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I walked along Pismo Beach for a good hour, trying to allow my mind to let go of the concerns of home and instead open myself to the road ahead.  My trip up the coast had just began, and Pismo being my first stop, was the perfect place to unwind.

With shoes in hand, I strolled on down the beach, my feet welcoming the sand between my toes.  There is nothing like that feeling!  It was a perfect afternoon of reflection- my eyes gazing down the sand, then lifting my head to the ocean, and back down again, mesmerized.  All I needed now was board and a wetsuit and the day would be complete.

I envied the surfers lining up for the next wave.  To feel the gentle rocking motion of the ocean while you sit on your board waiting for the next set to come in…well, it can’t get much better than that.

I wanted to paint this painting big, lending to the expansive nature of such a scene.  the pier is silhouetted by the sun, which is about to set…and the surfer arrives ready for an afternoon session.