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Radiant Light Over La Jolla Cove
Radiant Light Over La Jolla Cove

Radiant Light Over La Jolla Cove

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The area around La Jolla Cove is filled with wonder.  It’s teeming with life both in and out of the water.  There’s alluring sea caves, brilliant orange garibaldi, playful sea lions, thick kelp forests and turquoise waters, all calling to be explored by kayak.  The layers of sea cliffs create a glorious gradient palette of ochres, grays and siennas, with pops of white from feathered friends who perch on the cliffs in the sun.  I love this magical and picturesque part of our coastline.  I paddled the coast here, taking in the beauty and I was visited by curious seals popping their heads out of the water to get a closer look at me, while I was stoked to get a closer look at them! 

The scene was alive with color and vitality.  I wanted to capture the aliveness of the scene, so I chose a color palette that was bright and electric, with vibrant pinks and purples of the sky contrasted by the turquoise in the water.  For me, painting is not just about representing a particular place, but also communicating a feeling through color and movement of brushstroke, so you, the viewer can connect to and feel the magic of being there.

 (Note: canvas giclees are created as one unified piece, if you are interested in a diptych, please contact the studio).