Golden Light at Torrey Pines
Golden Light at Torrey Pines

Golden Light at Torrey Pines

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I grew up in San Diego.  I spent many a day hiking the trails of Torrey Pines, some days I started at the top (parking on the side of the road, which is no longer possible) and I would work my way down to the tide pools and beach.  Other days I started at the bottom, walking along the beach until I came to the tide pools and free-standing reef, whereupon I would ascend the smooth eroded sandstone trail (no stairs yet).  Every year the cliffs and trails would change, eroded by wind, water, and footsteps.  The colors of siennas and ochres, and the smooth texture of the sandstone caught my interest, and I would spend hours mesmerized as I explored the trails.  

At this prominent spot overlooking the Pacific and La Jolla in the distance sits these few remaining Torrey Pines.  They sit perched a top a beautifully sculpted sandstone ridge.  The earth appears like folds of a blanket, soft and undulating, like ribbons of earth gathering around the body of the planet underneath.

I have many fond memories here and hope that it is preserved for many future generations to explore and appreciate as I have been able to do.

 (new photo of painting coming soon)