In the Flow in La Jolla Original
In the Flow in La Jolla Original

In the Flow in La Jolla Original

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Original Oil on canvas 36" x 26" 

With its Mediterranean climate and charm, La Jolla is one of the prime jewels of San Diego.  I spent many a day since my youth hanging out at the cove, beaches, and cliffs on this beautiful coastline. It was a place for me to get away, take in the beauty, and grab a bite to eat just up the road off Prospect Ave.  I even worked at an art gallery there for a few months.

This particular day I met a good buddy of mine for breakfast and a walk.  Upon meeting at this overlook I found him chatting to a friend of his. I introduced myself to this friend, and came to find out we knew each other through another friend, and he is a collector of my work. Talk about six degrees of separation, or in this case, two degrees. :)  This random, but actually totally in the flow meeting set us up for the rest of the day.  I find that when I am open in my life and “listening” to the world around me and my inner being, life seems to take on a harmonious synchronistic way about it. And when I’m not, when I’m overthinking or stuck in my mind-made suffering, there are red lights throughout my day. This is life sometimes.  On this day however, it was meeting new friends, laughing and strolling with old friends, and taking in the beauty of beautiful La Jolla.  Totally in the flow.

Gallery Wrapped (painted around the sides). Ready to hang.
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