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Stormy Skies over the Tobago Cays

Stormy Skies over the Tobago Cays

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We were anchored in the center of the five tiny Tobago Cays, in the Southern Caribbean, floating inside of a horseshoe-shaped reef.  I was totally at peace here, anchored in the electric blue water.

One morning, we had just returned from a fantastic snorkel and we were standing on the deck of our boat, drying in the bright sun.  Way off in the distance, I could see a storm approaching, a thick grey cloud sweeping towards us.  Within moments, the wind picked up and the surface of the water rippled and sprayed.  All at once, we were drenched -  and incredible downpour from the sky.  And then it was over.  Just as quickly as it came, it was gone, and the sky was blue and clear.  Exhilarating!

I love the perspective of this painting - I actually feel like I am on the deck and the water is rocking all around.  The intersecting lines of the rigging, juxtaposed with the line of the horizon give the painting movement and rhythm.