How To Buy Fine Art

How To Buy Fine Art

Learn 5 Quick Tips Now!

by Keen Nichols

Like many, you probably have at one point in time been in a gallery and come across a work of art and have been immediately moved by it. Something struck your interest, but you didn’t quite know how to respond.  You might have been inspired, but felt distant because you didn’t understand why you liked it.  Well, I’m here to  share with you that is a normal response for many AND after reading this, you won’t ever have to worry about getting that deer in the headlight feeling when considering a fine art purchase. Fine Art holds the key to our innermost thoughts and emotions. Sorting through the purchasing process of fine art can be cumbersome to many people.  I remember when I first discovered the first piece of art I collected, I was overwhelmed but once I pulled the trigger, was ecstatic. For the very first time, I wish to share with you my list of top 5 recommendations for how to buy fine art.

Art Buying Tip#1: You will know when it’s TRUE LOVE.

The second you lay eyes on something that catches your attention, get quiet, listen and look.  Allow your eyes to soak in all that you are seeing.  Wonder, marvel and allow yourself to be immersed in what you are witnessing.  Without getting super technical about the influence of light/shadow, composition and color, just believe the old cliche’ “your eyes are the windows to your soul”.  

 Art Buying Tip#2: Trust your Gut, it doesn’t lie.

Whenever I discover an artist work that captures my attention, I always refer back to my gut.  Perhaps I see two works that I am interested in, but I am unsure which one I like better.  If that happens to you, check in with your gut.  Step away from the two works of art you are considering for a few minutes and focus your attention elsewhere.  Afterwards, look at the art again and this time, pay close attention to which one immediately causes you to light up.  Notice the direction of your body and feet, they will be directed toward the artwork that you enjoy most.   

Art Buying Tip#3: Focus, Focus, Focus!

The devil is in the details. Whenever I experience a work of art, I like to simply take time and be with the painting for awhile.  If viewing in a gallery, sit down and relax.  If at home and on computer, turn off the TV and block out any other distractions.  Make yourself a cup of hot tea or other favorite warm beverage.  Feel its moving parts, its depth and explore its meaning.  Notice the strokes, do they appear to be intentional or random expressions? Observe them separately and together. Every brushstroke, color choice, and even empty space on the canvas holds a vibration.  Focus on it and allow yourself to be inspired!

Art Buying Tip#4: Size Matters!

Where do you see your painting hanging at home? Visualize it there, and then evaluate how you imagine it will make you feel in this space.  Is the blank wall more appealing than the artwork you are contemplating or do you prefer the piece you are considering? If you need help determining the SIZE of any Pecoff Artwork and whether it will work in your space, EMAIL an image of the wall you want to hang it on and send the dimensions of the wall to  ( and we will superimpose an image of the artwork on to the wall(s) you wish to hang it.

Art Buying Tip#5: Make a decision to invest in your happiness!

I’ve seen many collectors fall in love with a work of art, can afford it, know where they want to hang and still do not acquire it.  You ever hear of the term, “paralysis by analysis”?  Unfortunately, this gets the best of some people.  Don’t let that happen to you!  Fine artwork is likely one of the most rare material possession you’ll ever own since they are either original one of a kind works or are limited editions.  Unlike other tangible things we may own, art doesn’t get worn out, old or break.  So when you’ve found something that you really love, just go for it.  You’ll be investing in a lifetime of happiness and joy.  The heartache of missing out on something you really want is so much worse than anything that may be holding you back.  


Please be sure to share this with your friends and stay tuned for my next tip on the joys of art collecting!  



About the Author:

Keen Nichols is a Fine Art Gallerist with many years experience as a gallery director and fine art consultant.  During his tenure, he opened three galleries in the prestigious Caesars Forum Shops and has been a gallery director in popular art destinations including Laguna Beach and San Diego.  He has worked in leading numerous galleries and worked with 40 + artists, and has garnered the respect and friendship of art collectors, industry professionals and artists from around the world.   Now an independent art consultant, Keen is focusing his attention on helping artists, galleries, and collectors appreciate the gift of helping connect everyone to artwork that is inspiring and meaningful.  

If you have questions regarding building your fine art collection or would like to contact him for any reason, he may be reached at

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