Sacred Swells of Na Pali
Sacred Swells of Na Pali

Sacred Swells of Na Pali

24" x 36"  Original Oil on Canvas
The Na Pali Coast, famous for it's velvety green cliffs and cascading waterfalls which plummet thousands of feet into dark narrow valleys, has inspired countless people since the first Hawaiians settled this land.
At the Eastern end of the Na Pali Coast is a famous peak, known by most as “Bali Hai,” made famous by the movie of the same name.  Its Hawaiian name is “Mt. Makana,” and in ancient times, the Hawaiians practiced the daring art of Kekahuna, or fire-throwing there.  These primeval fire-throwing rituals were part of a graduation ceremony for those descended from chiefly blood.  According to tradition, the graduates climbed the treacherous cliffs, braving the strong winds and the steep vertical face, climbing higher and higher.  Once at the top, the initiates lit a spear of wood on fire, and threw it from the mountain peak, in a brilliant display of fire and embers rocketing through the sky.  I can only imagine what that must have looked like!
Every time I have been to this part of the island and seen Mt. Makana, there is something that stirs deep within me...I sense a sacredness, a feeling of majesty and divine spirit.  No wonder the ancient Hawaiians used it for their holy ceremonies.
I wanted to bring this feeling of sacredness to the painting, and communicate the special relationship that fire and heat has always had with this revered summit.  The electric blues of the cliffs reflected in the water vibrate spectacularly against the fiery oranges and yellows reflected from the sky. I love how the colors excite my eyes and the motion of the water reflections mesmerizes me.  Such a beautiful push and pull.  For those of you who love color, water, and the magic of Hawaii, this new painting will be a fantastic addition to your collection.  Contact us below to find out more info.
Each one is painted in oil with the highest quality oil paints, varnished with a high gloss to bring out the vivid colors and insure its longevity, and stamped with Grant’s personal wax seal.   The inspiration and chronology of creation are forever captured in these rare masterpieces.

There is only one.  Need we say more…

Canvas Giclee:

Our Signed and Numbered Canvas Giclees are printed on canvas and are the same size as the original painting. By printing on canvas, the colors achieved are bright and vivid, mirroring the intensity of Grant's originals. Our canvas giclees are stretched on heavy duty stretcher bars and are museum wrapped (the painting continues around the sides), adding a three dimensional studio feel and creating the option to hang them unframed for a more contemporary look. Each one is signed on the front and signed and numbered on the back. Our Signed and Numbered Canvas Giclee are in an edition of 100 (there are only 100 ever made).

Artist Enhanced Giclee:

Take a Canvas Giclee, hand highlight it, make it one of a kind, and you’ll have an Artist Enhanced Giclee. Our Artist Enhanced Giclees are custom ordered and painted specially for you. Grant hand embellishes each one of these original creations with paint, adding brushstrokes, texture and pops of color. The paint really brings the giclee to life, adding bright, vivid color – there is nothing like it. Our Artist Enhanced Giclées are the next best thing to our originals (at less than half the cost). Each one is signed on the front and numbered on the back. Keeping within Grant’s commitment to his art, he has set the edition size very low. Our Artist Enhanced Giclees are in an edition of 50 (there are only 50 ever made).

Perfect Giclee on Metal:

Our Perfect Giclees are printed on Metal with bright vibrant colors and come with either matte non-reflective finish or a high gloss varnish finish. By printing on metal, the colors achieved are bright and vivid, mirroring the intensity of Grant's originals. Our Perfect Giclees are produced using the latest in die-sublimation technology and the finest materials available on the market. This combination allows us to create an unparalleled color gamut with the highest archival standards available. Each Perfect Giclee includes hanging hardware on the back, so they are ready to hang as soon as you get them home. They are each signed on the front. They are printed in an open edition.

By default, the metal prints come with a matte finish.  If you would like the high gloss finish, please specify in the notes section at checkout. 


Our Metal MiniGiclees are the same as our Perfect Giclee on Metals, just smaller - kind of a bite-size giclee, for somewhere that you would like a small pop of color. They are often hung next to a bedside or next to a your computer for a mini-escape. They are also wonderful in a grouping of 3 for a greater impact. They include hanging hardware on the back, so they are ready to hang as soon as you get them home. They are printed in an open edition.



A Giclee (pronounced zhee-clay) is a high-end upscale fine art reproduction. Each giclee is custom created, one-at-a-time as it is acquired by collectors.

In the giclee process, the image is generated from a high-resolution digital scan and printed with UV inks onto archival quality canvas. An ultra-fine stream of non-toxic water based ink, more than 4 million droplets per second, is jet-sprayed onto the canvas. This produces a combination of over 3 million possible colors resulting in prints that are lush and vibrant with the look and tonality of a fine art oil painting. Limited-edition giclees are signed on the front of the piece and numbered on the back.

A fantastic advantage of giclee printing is that the digital images can be reproduced to almost any size, giving the artist the ability to customize prints for a specific client.

Giclee prints have gained worldwide acceptance in the art community and can be found at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and the Louvre in Paris displaying works which cannot be allowed out of the museum cellars, and would otherwise never be shown to the public.






Mini Giclees, Perfect Giclee on Metals and Limited Edition Canvas Giclees will arrive in 2-3 weeks.

Custom Created Artist Enhanced Giclees will arrive in 4-6 weeks. 

If you require your art more quickly, there may be a possibility of expediting the turnaround time. After placing your order, please contact us directly to discuss.
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