Blazing Sky Cottage
Blazing Sky Cottage

Blazing Sky Cottage

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Oil on Hand-Carved Wood Relief.  Framed in blonde wood shadow box.

Inspired by my time exploring the Keys in sunny Florida.

As an artist, I love to try new things and as soon as I get comfortable with my paintings, I know it's time to break out again and work with new methods, new mediums, and new materials.  My latest artistic explorations are focused around wood, using layers upon layers of sculpted wood to bring a new depth and dimension to my art.  My studio has become a workshop recently, filled with the whirring of power tools, the smell of freshly sanded wood and of course, mountains of sawdust!  

I am carving the wood into layers, using my distinctive undulating lines, and it is these sections of carved wood layered on top of each other which highlight the foreground and background depths.   This push and pull between layers, coupled with my vibrant bold colors create an incredible sensory experience for the viewer.  I have found that the natural patterns in the grain of the wood often mimics my lines and can influence my placement of the objects in the paintings, allowing me to merge the patterns of nature with my own brushstrokes.  The result is a symbiotic relationship and an expression of sheer beauty and inspiration.
One of my main goals in painting my landscapes is to invite the viewer into the scene they are looking at, through use of  dimension and perspective.  This new approach to my paintings with layers on layers of wood creates beautiful depth and dimension which draws the viewer completely into the scene.  I am so looking forward to sharing them with you.