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Last Light
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Last Light

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Original Oil on Wood Panel  8" x 10" 

Framed in Natural Maple Wood Floater Frame 9" x 11"

(price includes frame)

(wood panel is made from sustainable forest products that ensure the protection of wildlife, plants, soil, and water) 

I started this Mini Abstract Sunset series out of the necessity to allow spontaneity to come through the process of painting.  Deliberate, simple, vibrantsoothing blocks of moving color penetrate the scene. Working on smaller canvas allows me to be in the moment and to further develop this experimental style, allowing the spontaneous gesture of brushstrokes and how they relate with one another in the composition.  Like the fleeting passing of a sunset, the aim is to think less and be in the moment as that moment passes.

Moments come and go, forever dissolving into one another, existing within the pause between.

One thing I love about witnessing the beauty of sunsets, besides their incredible dramatic colors, is that we are more aware of the passing of time, to watch the transition of day into night more acutely.  As if the universe shines a spotlight on time, inspiring us to watch this spectacular transition of moments.