Painting Greece & Croatia

Greece & Croatia: Mediterranean Summer Exhibition

Series Unveiling and Artist's Reception, April 13th 6-9pm at the Pecoff Gallery, Little Italy, San Diego

I am in full swing painting my latest series inspired by my recent travels through Greece and Croatia.  I will be updating periodically throughout the creative process, sharing pics of paintings in progress, insights, and just relative nonsense which comes naturally when spending hours upon hours in front of an easel! 

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  • Dee Brajevich Murphy

    My family comes from Croatia. The town of Split. I remember you did some paintings of your visit to the town of Split on the coast of Croatia. Would truly love to see any paintings/prints you may have of Croatia. I have just started to paint with acrylics.
    I love color and cannot tell you how much you have inspired me to paint.
    It is because of you that I am encouraged to pick up a brush an paint.
    There is so much passion in each of your paintings. I am so very blessed to have found your wonderful artwork. Thank you again, dee murphy

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