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Lone Pine Dancing in a Rainbow

Lone Pine Dancing in a Rainbow

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Original Oil on Canvas 

9" x 24" x 1.5"

 Have you ever looked up into a tree and felt it’s presence?  Maybe you were walking on a trail, in a park, or in your backyard, and you were overcome with a sense of aliveness from this being which is rooted to the earth.  I often feel like this.  Sometimes I’ll stop walking and just be with them.  Just watch and feel them basking in the sunlight, drinking in the sweet nectar of sunshine, utterly aglow in vitality. Their branches and leaves dancing in the wind, as if they have many arms and fingers moving to a beat that is always there in the background,  thumping, bumping and humming.  You know that beat, that sound.  The one that we often miss, unless we take the time to stop, be still and listen.  Then we begin to hear it, and we start to feel more alive and connected, like waking up out of a dream and into a dream of magic.  Although it isn’t a dream, THIS is real.